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HelpMySuper provides a free search to find and consolidate your Super. We do all the hard work from finding lost Super to recommending the best superannuation consolidation plan to keep your Super safe!

Finding your superannuation and getting it to work for you is just a simple online form away!

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What does Help My Super actually do?

At HelpMySuper we provide the following services;

  • Lost superannuation search and recovery
  • Analysis and recommendation on all your existing superannuation funds
  • Consolidation of superannuation funds into one manageable plan
  • Free statement of advice and overview of your financial situation

What is Superannuation?

Superannuation in Australia is a retirement savings scheme created by the government to ensure that all Australian’s have enough money at retirement. It is a legal requirement that your employer pays at least 9% of your income into a registered superannuation fund on your behalf regardless if you’re a casual, contractor, part time or full time employee.

In Australia we have access to hundreds of superannuation funds including the main players in retail funds;  AMP, Colonial First State, ING, AXA to name a few. We also have access to industry and government  funds such as Hesta, Cbus, Australian Super and State Super. Every fund will charge different fees and have different interest rates.  Help My Super have extensive knowledge of all these funds and so search and compare hundreds of superannuation policies to find the right super for you.

Think you’re lost super is only worth a few dollars?

  • Australia has an estimated $10 Billion dollars in lost superannuation?
  • 3.2 Million Australians have lost superannuation funds which are currently left unclaimed?
  • If your lost superannuation account is below $200 we can arrange for a cash withdrawal from superannuation straight into your personal bank account.